Where did I go? Story about why you should limit your work if you love it as I do

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Almost two months since my last post here. Where did I go and why did I leave you for all that time?

The art of balancing my two passions – life and solving problems – is still something I want to learn. Hopefully together we can come up with some cool ideas.

But first, let me tell you why being too greedy on work and not respecting your own life is bad for you.

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How to put a price on me?

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Correct price of services that would satisfy a client and a service provider is often a big problem for many people. Especially those just starting out in a business. This could apply to plenty of employment forms either it’s a contract or a regular employment agreement.

There are many factors to consider. In reality very small amount of professionals charge a client with a “market price” – whatever market could mean. It’s also a very rare situation where every client just gets exactly the same quotation as everybody else. Actually, it happens that for exactly the same services and the same client – price is quite different over time!

So is there an algorithm or a set of simple instructions on determining the exact price of the hour of my life?

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Why I have clients not employers?

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Ah, business world!

Not many words are out there causing so much reluctance in IT as business, marketing or sales. Especially causing it in people at the beginning of the road in software development. Nothing weird about it, those are not easy subjects! Specifically for us – technical people in love with numbers or documentations. Some say you either adore or you hate the business world.

And I ask why not just deal with it? Why all the emotions come along?

Among the people having between 0 – 5 years of commercial experience I usually meet two kinds of programmers. Employees and freelancers. The most basic distinction between them is the conflict on the line of security – freedom. Having to deal with any of the real business world properties (no, talking to ‘business people’ doesn’t count) is usually connected with the second one. Both sides present valid points and I can agree with most of them.

But who said we don’t get to have security along with freedom?

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Why starting as a freelance software dev isn’t always a good idea? Or is it?

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Note: the text was originally published on linkedin.com on 25/05/2016

Photo source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/btnphoto/12378217605

So you are young and energetic wannabe developer. Your head is full of ideas, stackoverflow is your bible and you are ready to face the struggles of software development for money. Cool! Let me tell you something.

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