What is wrong with the world?

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Would you agree with a statement that something is pretty weird in our IT world lately?

HRs tell me that my job will be all about fun and self-development, my project manager tells me my job is to write code and my client wants me to fix the styles in the corporate newsletter.

Even if those contradictory expectations are clearly stated to me and I do everything in my power to fulfill them, probably nobody see or appreciate it.


Because the real expectations are hidden between words and gestures. So, what our job actually is about?

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Running .NET Core application on Apache web server

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Little introduction first: for a last few months I’ve been struggling with one side project that I co-own – very popular, but very shitty (from technological point of view) internet portal. It generates a lot of traffic and sometimes some money to pay the bills for my own linux server.  There is a huge potential in this project, but surely not in current form. Currently it’s a very outdated, hard to maintain WordPress website that for some reason still didn’t break. I want to make it work properly, to do it I have to rewrite a whole thing. It’s taking ages, because:

  • I chose all new technologies I want to learn to develop it
  • I’ve got about 4 hours a week to code it
  • I try to teach some agile approach another co-owner, so I want to keep all process details (unless it’s unnecessary in the team of two people)

What I want to describe here is the thing that I dealt with a few months ago, maybe someone can use it someday. Otherwise you will just read one of my stories and have some laugh hopefully. Let’s go.

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Why starting as a freelance software dev isn’t always a good idea? Or is it?

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Note: the text was originally published on linkedin.com on 25/05/2016

Photo source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/btnphoto/12378217605

So you are young and energetic wannabe developer. Your head is full of ideas, stackoverflow is your bible and you are ready to face the struggles of software development for money. Cool! Let me tell you something.

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