[Dev Cloud Essentials] Create affordable brand monitoring process in minutes

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What is brand monitoring?

Let’s say you have just opened an online store. As every business owner you care about opinion that people have about your store. Anytime someone has a question, doubt, complain and expresses it on your facebook fanpage or directly on your website – you politely answer. You simply care, because you want your customers to be satisfied.

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What if some of the questions, doubts or complains are expressed in other parts of the internet, without appropriate tags? If you’d know about it, you’d still do the same – politely answer. But you are not aware. You’re busy with your online store – why would you spend a whole day in the internets looking for bad opinions?

Brand monitoring is basically that – it looks for so called “mentions” and notify you. You save time on looking by yourself and expand your territory to other areas of the internet than your website. It helps to adapt to the real live feedback and in the end deliver better value to receivers.

Do you wonder why the hell am I telling you this?

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What is wrong with the world?

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Would you agree with a statement that something is pretty weird in our IT world lately?

HRs tell me that my job will be all about fun and self-development, my project manager tells me my job is to write code and my client wants me to fix the styles in the corporate newsletter.

Even if those contradictory expectations are clearly stated to me and I do everything in my power to fulfill them, probably nobody see or appreciate it.


Because the real expectations are hidden between words and gestures. So, what our job actually is about?

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