Multiple authentication services using IdentityServer4 with .NET Core 2.0

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Implementing authentication server using IdentityServer4 is pretty straightforward even if you have never done it. No big deal, install the required packages, copy-paste-change some code from the docs and you’re done. What if I want it to work in a less standard way? By less standard I mean providing scalable OAuth authentication service in microservice architecture without the use of ANY (conventional) database. Easy? Let’s have a look!

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Running .NET Core application on Apache web server

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Little introduction first: for a last few months I’ve been struggling with one side project that I co-own – very popular, but very shitty (from technological point of view) internet portal. It generates a lot of traffic and sometimes some money to pay the bills for my own linux server.  There is a huge potential in this project, but surely not in current form. Currently it’s a very outdated, hard to maintain WordPress website that for some reason still didn’t break. I want to make it work properly, to do it I have to rewrite a whole thing. It’s taking ages, because:

  • I chose all new technologies I want to learn to develop it
  • I’ve got about 4 hours a week to code it
  • I try to teach some agile approach another co-owner, so I want to keep all process details (unless it’s unnecessary in the team of two people)

What I want to describe here is the thing that I dealt with a few months ago, maybe someone can use it someday. Otherwise you will just read one of my stories and have some laugh hopefully. Let’s go.

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