Where did I go? Story about why you should limit your work if you love it as I do

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Almost two months since my last post here. Where did I go and why did I leave you for all that time?

The art of balancing my two passions – life and solving problems – is still something I want to learn. Hopefully together we can come up with some cool ideas.

But first, let me tell you why being too greedy on work and not respecting your own life is bad for you.

Is having too much to work on bad or good?

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Some could ask – why do you complain, dude? You have so many contracts and business projects going on, you must be making good money on it! That’s great, isn’t it?

It is great. It is good to not have to worry about money. It is good to have plenty of creative work and to progress each day. It is good to do what you love and make money on it.

It is also good to just have some time for a night out or a weekend with friends. It is good to just crack open some beers and have a great non-productive netflix evening.


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Can I live without the money? No, I can’t.

Nobody can.

Can I live without any rest? No, I can’t either.

Nobody can.

The key is to find a balance between those two fantastic things – creative, well paid work and sweet laziness.

Last two months were plain work for me. That was a great work, so satisfying and awesome. But still – it was 15+ hours of hardcore mining (as my newly made friend called it).

I think everyone has this one period of a year when he’s a miner. A hardcore miner.

Source: http://i.imgur.com/8lPgkCh.gif Game: Terraria (I love it)

August – what a great month

It all began in august. Many people around went on vacations. Resting, relaxing, having fun.

And I entered the end phase of two projects, opened two more of them and came up with two more business ideas that I started to model and refine. Additionally, I still have two of my own ongoing projects in the middle of development.

When I look at it from my current perspective, it couldn’t end well.

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But somehow it did! August was intense, but fruitful.

Although, it was the first time in a long period that I thought – “Damn, I have to go for a vacation sometime soon”.

It was also the first time when I felt some deterioration of my communication skills – I started to lose my temper or to badly judge the situation around me. It results in some awkward social reactions. At first, it happened a few times, nothing really alarming.

But here comes another month…

September – you were supposed to be better!

It was the month when I made a decision of delegating some of the work to other people, put some projects on hold and focus on finishing everything top priority. At that time, I knew. I can’t have another august again – it would end badly.

Good choice, right? Shame it wasn’t enough. It was the month when I felt guilty.

Guilty of what exactly?

Well, imagine – you’re sitting in a comfy chair, your legs up, pint of a good ale in right hand and some Chopin in the background. Your eyes closed.

Beautiful, right? The problem is, the only thing that comes to mind are not relaxing images of woods and mountains of Poland, but that burning feeling of guilt.

Guilt caused by not working at the moment. You should work right now, make some progress on your plans! – says my brain.

Source: http://gifs.chrisstreeter.com/american-pyscho/patrick-bateman-no-cannot-take-time-off-work.gif

He’s right, my brain is right – I said.

And I immediately got back behind the computer or behind the wheel of my car.

Onwards, I’m going to finish all the work there is in the world! – I shouted.

The results of that are simple. When my body and mind are overworked, I don’t think so clearly, work so efficiently or feel so good. That’s obvious.

I started to make mistakes. In my work, in social interactions and in life.

Nothing really serious, still making me feel even worse.


I finished some of the work that was overwhelming me. Last weekend I was on a great event. It was organized by a very great and well known polish programmer – Maciej Aniserowicz. With help of one of my favorite corporations – Microsoft.

Source: devstyle.pl

Besides going through very valuable public-speaking workshops I spoke with plenty of programmers from all around Poland. Everyone had some very valuable “lessons learnt” to share. I felt good, relaxed and relieved. I came back with a clear mind, ready to deal with all the problems.

I won’t let work to consume me. It’s my passion. I love solving problems, I love programming and I love sharing my knowledge with others.

But I also love plenty of other things and they want my attention too. I’m going to be more just. My time must be redistributed fairly!

Work is good, life is good

You know that feeling when you hear the song for the first time and you just love it! You feel like you can’t live without it.

So, you listen it in cycles, hundreds of times. Set it as an alarm clock even. You hear it repeatedly.

What happens after not a very long time?

There is this one time – you start the song one more time and you know – now you absolutely hate it. You can’t listen to it anymore. Even after many years, when you accidently hear that song you still feel that bitter feeling of having enough of it.

I love my work – I don’t want to hate it. I don’t want it to happen. That’s why I’m going back to the balance I had before.

And you should too.

To be clear: the caption on my hat is: “MAKE TESTS GREEN AGAIN”. Don’t be confused

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  1. I can relate to that feeling. Even if I work hard every day, one day of doing nothing but playing Witcher made myself guilty of being unproductive. Great article!

    1. Yep, that feeling is bad – writing down stuff that you accomplished helps. When you feel guilty again, you have a look at it and give yourself a well-deserved break. 🙂

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